The UnBridled Life Personal Profile was inspired by one of God’s great creations ~ the horse. 
As strange as that may seem, horses actually demonstrate through their day-to-day existence how to live life with purpose and collaboration.


The UnBridled Life profile reflects four ways in which horses interact with their herd. While each horse has a primary trait of interaction, he/she is capable of performing whatever role is needed within the herd at any given moment. As human beings, we interact with people using these four traits. Humans also have a primary trait of interacting with their “herd”. However, we often are not as flexible at adapting our style to the circumstances or needs of our “herd”. Rather, we remain steadfast to our “trait,” at times to the detriment of others.
The results of the profile will identify your primary trait and provide insights into all four traits. In addition to learning more about yourself in general terms, you will see yourself as others see you on a good day and a bad day. The traits are each associated with certain “fears” that manifest sometimes in counterproductive behaviors. Most importantly the profile provides a guide to living a balanced, purpose filled life…just like the horses.
Allow the herd to guide you toward transformation. Enjoy the journey.

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